Enthusiasts and experts, we are not beginners on the figures market.

Kamino Collectibles is a team of professionals totally fond of collector figures and statues. Each team member has many years of experience in making resin statues and PVC figures with factories in China. All have learned through challenging projects and it is has been a long road to get to Kamino Collectibles. Kamino Collectibles is a website of Out Collector Figures S.A.S.U.

Proximity and quality are the key !

We carefully choose our partners for their high quality standards. We are excited to offer innovative collectible figures and toys, for the first time available in Europe. This means our customers have the opportunity to get rare products without constraints or additional fees! Our team from Europe will provide the best handling, payment and transport services.We will always try to offer hard to find items from artists we love !

Please note DHL is our favourite shipping partner, well known for its professionalism and speed.

Now, it is time to build the best collection ever !

If you have questions, please write to info@kaminocollectibles.com

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