Summer Bouquet Be My Baby Cherry doll.

PREORDER. Only 1 Cherry Doll per person can be ordered. Orders containing several Cherry dolls (all types are concerned) will be cancelled.

Orders out of Europe, U.S.A, Canada and Australia will be cancelled.

Maker: Miyuko Odani.
Series: Be My Baby Cherry dolls.
Material: PVC and vinyl.

A Kamino Collectibles exclusive ! Be My Baby Cherry dolls are available out of Asia only in our online shop.

Delivery starts: Around Sept 15th. Please understand designers may need a bit more time to make all dolls.
Shipping Method : DHL.

The deposit amount corresponds to 35% of the total price of preordered items+shipping. The deposit cannot be refunded: Kamino Collectibles orders your doll especially for you. The balance will be requested August 9th.

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Please note Be My Baby Cherry dolls are handmade dolls. Even if they are made with love and the best skills, there is no guarantee they are 100% perfect. Please accept these conditions before preordering.